Why Hertztec?

Hertztec Corporation, incorporated in 1997 is an engineering and trading company specialising in welding and cutting supplies and engineering services. To date, we have provided to and serviced over 1000 business owners from 12 different industries to grow their businesses;optimize production capabilities and solving engineering challenges.We are dedicated to provide you with complete engineering solution covering a breadth ranging from welding and cutting systems to manufacturing line.


Being in the market for 20 years, we have accumulated experience in solving welding and cutting challenges. We do not just sell you a product, we provide you with cost effective solution. Designed and catered to your requirements.


Our team is trained to respond swiftly within 24 hours. We strive to solve from simplest to the most complicated technical difficulties in the most time efficient method.


We place high priority on after sales service. We maintain a valuable relationship with our customers to ensure mutual business growth together.


We provide technical training in both theory and practical that ensures your talented workers are using the equipment to it's fullest potential and prolong its usage lifespan.

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