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PROJECT’s are powerful DC latest generation 100 KHz inverter power sources, built in an innovative, ergonomic and robust chassis standard equipped with a carrying belt for easy transportation. Theirs very compact structure, lightness and user friendly feature make them ideal for any professional use with any type of basic and rutile electrodes for maintenance and light fabrication works.
Theirs excellent welding characteristics in MMA and TIG welding with “lift” mode arc striking, coupled with its IP 23 protection class, enable its use in any work environment.
PROJECT 1650 is standard fitted with PFC (Power Factor Corrector).

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent welding characteristics with any type of electrode
  • Low energy consumption and high electrical efficiency
  • 2 available welding processes: MMA – TIG
  • All the data refer to 40° C environment temperature as imposed by the standards
  • Shock-proof fibre compound main structure


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